The Intelligent Data Network™ is the engine that drives MVTRAC as the leading provider of on-demand, data solutions for auto finance, insurance, government and law enforcement organizations. Comprised of a global network of digital recognition technology devices operated by a team of certified agents, The Intelligent Data Network™ aggregates data safely and compliantly to achieve what is now one of the largest and most secure ALPR data centers in the world. 


MVTRAC synergizes historical data with live data aggregation to assist both public and private institutions in locating/recovering assets safely, efficiently and effectively. Our intelligent solutions collapse cycle timelines, automate paper-intensive processes, mitigate costly resources, improve business workflow, ensure compliance and ultimately help promote transportation safety and homeland security across the nation. The Intelligent Data Network™ continues to grow through partnerships with government agencies and third-party camera owners at traffic lights, tollbooths, airports, major transportation hubs, security centers and retail/commercial parking lots.




MVTRAC’s patented Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) technology is a core component of The Intelligent Data Network™. Implemented as both fixed and mobile camera units, our ALPR technology delivers the ability to read vehicle license plates at the fastest and most accurate rate available in the market today while simultaneously verifying plates against an exponentially evolving database for instant vehicle of interest verification.


For more information on how MVTRAC's ALPR technology can help your business maximize recovery potential while minimizing collateral losses through faster and compliant recoveries, please click the button below!










Known for their professionalism, MVTRAC agents are highly trained, certified recovery technology experts that utilize ALPR data, technology and analytics to locate and recover assets in the field. With access to one of the largest ALPR databases in the world and vanguard technology, MVTRAC agents are able to locate assets quickly and safely.


MVTRAC strives to provide our agents with optimum equipment, training and benefits to ensure that they are always in the best position for success. Agents that are recognized under MVTRAC's high-standard certification are eligible for various benefits that include, but are not limited to:


• Performance Bonuses

• Strong Client Relationships

• Continuous Education Programs

• Advanced ALPR Equipment

• Automated Compliance Mechanisms


If you are interested in becoming a certified MVTRAC agent or would like to receive more information on how the MVTRAC ALPR system can revolutionize your business, please contact us by clicking the button below or by calling 847.485.2310.


Over Billions of Data Points Securely Stored



Continuously Growing via Mobile & Static ALPR Technology



Redundant Data Centers Across the Nation



Secure, Multi-level Access Protocols




Fastest & Most Accurate Read Rate in Market



Utilized Across Multiple Industries for Public & Private Sectors



Maximizes Location Efficiency & Effectiveness



Patented ALPR Processes & Systems




Highly Trained ALPR Technology Experts



Access to Unmatched

Industry Benefits



Free Continuous Education Programs to Improve Business Operations & Success





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